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Wreaking Havoc Since 2006! SheVibe Celebrates 8 Years! 

It’s our anniversary but the party is all about you!

  • We’re stashing SheVibe Bucks ranging from $10 - $100 in random orders! It’s like Monopoly Money, only instead of Park Avenue, you get free sex toys!
  • We’re offering Double Deal Reviews!  Submit a product review via the SheVibe Review Project and receive $6 instead of $3!*
  • We’re shipping thank you gifts to randomly selected customers! It might be something little, then again, it might not.
  • And finally, we’re doing lots of box art! All month long we’ll be surprising customers with our popular box art (we promise, G rated only!).  Feel free to submit requests in the customer notes when you place your order - we’ll do our best to honor all requests.

*Double Deal Reviews must be 150 words or more and must be properly edited prior to submission. Reviews must be submitted in the month of July to qualify.  Please visit the SheVibe Review Project for additional details and rules regarding the review program.

New Feature: Sex So Good It’s Scary! http://www.shevibe.com/sliquid.aspx